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Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

With our four year program you will learn what will be mandatory once Pennsylvania enacts the Licensure Law.  This is a Federal Program, working with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. The certificate you receive will allow you to take your apprenticeship and work anywhere. You will learn all you need to know to take your Journeyman's Exam.

Plumbing Apprenticeship
Certificate Program - 154 Hours


This certificate program prepares individuals with knowledge and skills needed for employment in the residential plumbing trade. The blended online/in-person curriculum offers a basic framework of plumbing theory and provides the hands-on skills needed to install, service and maintain plumbing systems in residential settings. Class includes instruction on safety, tool and material selection, methods to join and adapt pipe and fittings, fixture installation, and inspection and maintenance of plumbing systems. We are going over blue prints. Service and constructions side of the business. Going over hydronics, water treatment and all aspects of the plumbing field. We will prep you for your journeyman's and masters.


  1. Demonstrate safety practices needed in the plumbing trade.

  2. Read and interpret basic plans, drawings and specifications related to residential plumbing.

  3. Demonstrate knowledge and skill in the use of plumbing hand/power tools and equipment.

  4. Use tools and equipment to cut, join and adapt pipe, fittings and fixtures.

  5. Demonstrate basic knowledge and practical kills associated with installation, maintenance and repair of residential plumbing systems.


  • Tool and equipment identification, use, and maintenance

  • Basic math skills

  • Copper tube and fittings

  • Steel/iron pipe and fittings

  • Plastic pipe and fittings

  • Cast iron pipe and fittings

  • Fixtures

  • Basic installation and maintenance practices

  • Basic electricity

  • Plumbing codes

  • Employability skills


2025 Enrollment Open

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

Payments Made by
Member Type
Plumbing Apprenticeship Class
Before July 31th
Non Member
August 1 - August 13th
Non Member
After August 13th
Non Member
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