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Hydronics 102


This course is designed for the existing Service Tech or Installer to enhance their knowledge in the understanding, sizing and diagnosing systems. Students should be proficient in general math with basic understanding of Algebra 1 and Geometry.

Suggested to have taken Hydronic 101 course.


*Mandatory Google “gmail” requirement: as assignments will be posted on google drive, and for up to date information about course changes or cancellations due to weather*

Teacher : Ken Midgett

Phone : 610-625-3699

Fax : 610-760-8017

Tuition : $650 (Included Text)

Location : LCTI

Every other Wednesday : 

Time : 5:30 to 8:00pm


Course includes:  Modern Hydronic Heating Edition: 3rd
  • ​Review of Hydronic Heating 101 course

  • Basic 110 and 24 Volt Wiring applicable to controls and voltage sources (from panel to boiler and at boiler)

  • Control Theories

  • Understanding Heat Loss/Gain

  • Diagnostic Approach

  • System wiring basics

  • Zone Wiring

  • Piping Schemes and how you should use them

  • Pump and Pumping Strategies

  • System Types (hybrids and mixes)

  • Radiant Piping and Systems

  • Radiant Control Theory. Mixing valves and injection systems

  • Gas Controls Ignition, HIS, Millivolt, Gas Valves

  • Oil and Gas Combustion testing and theories

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